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Originally Posted by Hockey Outsider View Post
I think we need to have a mix of the chronological approach (method #1) and the committee approach (method #3). There are drawbacks to both methods, but I think a combination of the two will minimize most of the weaknesses.

I propose that we have chronological inductions starting around 1945. We would go year by year, spending perhaps ten days discussing and voting each time. We could fine-tune the voting procedure later, but I’d imagine they’d be relatively straightforward (i.e. player must be retired for three years to be eligible; 75% or 80% of the votes needed; each voter has X number of votes; player not voted in after X number of years is permanently removed from the ballot).

At the same time, an “Early Era Committee” would cover all pre-NHL leagues. We’d need to figure out whether some players (i.e. Lalonde, Malone) go into the EEC or the main draft, but this should be a minor detail. The EEC can have say 10 voting rounds (after all, they should be covered 30-50 of history), after which point it will disband. (It might also make sense to have a second Committee for European players pre-integration with the NHL).

Overall I think this approach makes a lot of sense. The main criticisms of the purely chronological method are answered. First, by setting a start date as late in 1945, and letting the Early Era Committee operate at the same time as the yearly inductions, the project won’t drag on forever. Second, by having a separate Committee, people who don’t have the expertise to vote on hockey’s earliest era won’t be discouraged from joining. Similarly, by still having year by year inductions, we avoid the main weaknesses of the committee-only approach (the potential for a project with no clear logical structure or forward movement).

What does everyone think?
Love it.

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