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Originally Posted by zetterberg40 View Post

New stick this year that sucked ass. I knew another kid who had one and broke it immediately too.

I actually had an ST '09 model (look, ive basically had every damn upper-echelon Easton '09 model) and it broke after, I THINK, 2 months at the max. I remember my buddy winning the faceoff, i'm a dman so i curled it back while skating backwards and went to throw it on net and it snapped in half. Mind you, that was my first shift of the game, it was fine in warm-ups, and no one hit me. Explain that one (not being a ********, dont take that tone wrong.)

My ST I still have is the '06 model or later. I dont remember because its been that long but the blade is breaking so its purely backup. The thickness of that stick is unreal and its really, really not that heavy. I'd perfer 50-100 more grams on my stick and stronger durability then some weak ass stick that breaks. Honestly, the comparison in thickness to that ST to the '09 model was insane. It was like comparing the thickness of a piece of paper to cardboard. My dad looked at it when I showed him, the guy knows nothing about hockey, and couldn't believe how thick the old one is compared to the new one. Shockingly he could see why it would break.

For the record, I bought a Warrior Kronik for 120... Draper curve. Thanks everyone for the comments. At least I know I'm not in the same boat. Btw, I play Roller hockey so these sticks should NEVER be breaking.
Your old ST that you say is getting run down a bit, is it the blade or the shaft that's dying? If it's just the blade then the shaft should still be fine with a new blade. If you ever break that Warrior you should consider chopping off the blade on your old ST and putting a new blade in. Cut it off at the point where you'd like the new blade to join, try to put the new blade in that end, if it doesn't fit flip it around and try the blade in the top (actually try the replacement blade in the top before cutting of the existing blade just to be sure). Even if you get a nice blade like a one95 blade it'll be around $50-60, much cheaper than buying an entire new stick, and hopefully much more durable too! Just did this with a cheap old Sherwood one piece that I hated for ice hockey, chopped off the blade and threw in an ABS blade, makes for a great road hockey stick now.

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