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11-22-2010, 05:05 AM
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I've never understood the attachment to Roszival. He's finally playing decent hockey since 2008 true, but he's never played a full season of good, acceptable hockey. He's always hurt. He's paid too much. Sure he looks good now, but a guy like him is very replaceable. There are way more Roszivals out there than Richards(es). If Roszival is the lynchpin for this trade, you make that move every day and twice on Sunday.
Stuff like this blows my mind. Since he came to the NYR, only 5 d-men in the league have played more games. Games played since the lockout by d-men:

Bouwmeester - 410
Phaneuf - 404
Keith - 404
Hannan - 404
Hamhuis - 403
Rozsival - 400

He may play a lot hurt, which is a testament to his commitment. But few d-men in the league miss less time than this guy. 5 to be exact.

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