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11-22-2010, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Strawman arguments?

Kovalchuk sunk that franchise. They gave up 4 assets to acquire him. Gave him 15/$100 million to retain him. Had the first contract rejected for circumvention and were punished for that. Lost a 3rd in 2011 and will lose a future #1. The Devils had to play with fewer than 18 skaters because of the Kovalchuk contract. Pierre LeBrun reported last week about the Devil players looking over their shoulders and being concerned about their future due to the Devils cap problems created by the Kovalchuk contract. They spent the money on D before Kovalchuk signed. Created the cap mess. Couldn't move their other parts. Too many NTC's. Age on their players. 35 plus contracts.

You can't just blame the coach for their struggles. The team is a mess thanks to the Kovakchuk contract. They were a good team without him.
And, again, you keep broadening the argument. I never defended the Debbies signing Kovalchuk. All I disputed was that it did not keep the Debbies from addressing the issues on defense. Again, whether or not they made the correct choices was not what I argued. The Kovalchuk signing caused other problems, but, those weren't the issues that were being discussed. And, the Debbies' problem run deeper than just the Kovalchuk signing. Start with the inability to draft and develop quality young D-men, and then throw in the prior poor signings of players like Elias, who's not worth his contract and Zubrus...plenty of cap-choking contracts. Brodeur has been awful in the playoffs. I never thought Kovalchuk was a good fit for the Debbies last year. And, I am not disputing anything you just posted. But, again, none of that was what was being debated.

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