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11-22-2010, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I know people will go all "1st" / "2nd" / "3rd" line on me now, but this is how I envision that you build a contender with the team we have.

1st line X-X-X
2nd line Grachev-Stephan-Gaborik
3rd line Dubinsky-Anisimov-Callahan
4th line X-X-X

-I think we lack a (first) line. A line that can lead. Come PO time, come not one or two rounds, but maybe three rounds into a SC race -- we need mojo on the lineup.

People talk about how Kova wouldn't have been a good signing et c. I dissagree. Imagine this lineup next year for example -- anyone don't think it would be pretty decent?


That lineup would have been okey by me. Thats a lineup that you contend with. Thats a lineup that could, a la Tortorella style, keep going for 82 games and a full PO run.

Now, that won't happend. And as to the lines, we can't beat the Caps or Pens by getting a better 1st line. But could they match a lineup like that? Three very good lines -- like Philly have for example.

I've mentioned Lecavalier in the past, not that he will happened either, but
would also give us that depth and firepower.

Who else can we get?

And we don't need to get anyone now, or even next year. There is no extreme hurry. But if we ever want to contend -- we need to another pice that can carry a heavy load.
Any contract given to Richards will be better than Lecavalier's current deal.

Richards will be 31. 6-7 years. You really think it's smart to dish out that term for a 31 year old player?
I'm honestly not sure.

As I said, I certainly kick the tires.

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