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11-22-2010, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by CantSeeColors View Post
Elias probably wasn't asked about it by the media, either.
So when asked any question, no matter what it is, you have to answer it? Better than that, make a long sound bite out of it.

I'd have a lot more respect for Richards if what was said on the ice stayed on the ice.

I have a strong suspicion if the Flyers won that game we would have heard nothing about the episode. In fact there might not even have been an episode at all

Let me put into perspective. I was at a Pens Flyers game Crosby's first year. The game was in Pittsburgh. Crosby was doing quite a bit of diving. After drawing a penalty with yet another dive, Forsberg stepped up a went nose to nose with Sid. He was obviously schooling him. Funny thing was everybody, Pens included, stood back when this went on. For his troubles Forsberg got an FU from Sid

After the game Forsberg didn't babble about what was said. I suspect that if asked about it he would not have said a word. THAT is the right way to do things, and I think Richards could learn a thing or two about respect himself if he learned from that example

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