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11-22-2010, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Shabutie View Post
Pyatt is not the reason for our PK success, not even close. We have at least 5 guys on this team who can do as good a job as Pyatt can on the PK. He's our worst board player and that can be costly against the Flyers. I'm not saying we should call up DD, just saying that Pyatt is replaceable.
That having been said someone else would need to pick up the slack if Pyatt were to not play. Obviously if it ain't broke don't fix it. The one night we scratched Pyatt also turned out to be our worst game on the PK. Now I'm not a stats guy and personally I don't believe stats paint a one hundred percent accurate picture. In this case though I will say at least the stats are leaning towards him being important. Plus if putting someone else in either means our PK becomes worse or that somebody else has to pick up the slack on our PK, that's the last thing our team wants/needs.

Pyatt is severely underrated anyways though. He isn't a top 9 player but he's a great 4th liner with a huge PK upside. He's the kind of player you try to retain at a cheap price for a couple years not ostracize from the team by benching him in place of an AHLer who likely can't do better.

And I don't believe Desharnais would be putting up the points he is in the AHL on the 4th line, if Eller can't who has much more size I highly doubt Desharnais can. He would need to be in our top 6 to even be effective and with that said how does it in anyway help our team or effect Pyatt if we do that? If anything it would have to be Eller who sits which at this point would just be plain ********.

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