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11-22-2010, 11:38 AM
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Patrick O'Sullivan

Yep, I'm today's contestant in "Raid the Waiver Wire! Habs Forums Edition."

But for this one, I make an exception.

Patrick O'Sullivan is a former high draft pick who had a couple good NHL years, then one bad one, before being cast off. His fall from grace has genuinely confused me given how fast he went from a 50 point complimentary scorer to a buyout/camp pickup/waiver wire candidate. He had 20 goals three seasons ago, just under that two seasons ago... and then came last year's debacle in Edmonton. Guys of his calibre don't just stop having talent over night. This guy will be a good secondary scorer for someone.

He's somewhat soft, and small, which is why I doubt Montreal looks hard at him, but he has a record of providing secondary scoring.

This year in Carolina he's either been scratched or not played, so he didn't exactly get the fresh start some had expected him to get after all.

The team desperately, desperately needs someone who can drop into the top six. O'Sullivan, especially if he can play wing, would be capable of providing that production given good line mates and half a chance.

His defensive shortcomings would be offset by a Gionta/Gomez pairing who are both very good in their own end. He got lit up in Edmonton, but so did that entire team.

He's on waivers today and has only a one year deal at near the league minimum. I believe it may even be a two-way deal.

There is literally no risk. Bring him in, give him a tryout there, and if he flops... waivers and to the ECHL for all I care. He's off the books at the end of the year.

There are lots of waiver wire threads, so I know this gets old, but in this case I see O'Sullivan as an equal calibre prospect to Pouliot. I hope someone claims him for his sake, and I think Montreal has a hole that he could fill.

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