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11-22-2010, 12:51 PM
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The guy who doesn't practice what he preaches.
"K guys, lets keep the shifts short and make sure to back check hard" Mean while he takes 3 minutes shifts circling around the red line waiting for a 100ft pass

People that think that every goal against is a result of a collosal break down. Beleive it or not, sometimes the other team makes a nice play and scores.

The puck hog in warmup
Our warm ups are pretty standard as we only gat 5 minutes if we are lucky...semi circle around the goalie and fire away, alternating leftside rightside leftside righside to get the goalie movie laterally. We had a sub come out one day, nabbed 7 or 8 pucks, line them up in the slot and did rapid fire while the rest of the team shared the other 3 pucks.

Goon squads
Pretty self explainatory. Played against one guy who 'bragged' about not finnishing a game all year. No surprised he gooned someone and got tossed.

Chronic arguers
Yep, that offside call was close and could of gone either way...but now we are killing a 2minute minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct...but it's totally worth it because you pwned the ref with the "Your heads up your ass" comment...very original!
And I agree...earlier in the game when you took the 50 ft run at the guy jumped in the air, and kicked him in the throat, and as he lay convulsing on the ice you planted your stick in him like you were Neal Armstrong planting a flag on the moon....that was a total BS call. Good thing you argued! That 2nd minor was worth it! Everyone knows that the rest of the calls all game will now go our way!

I got more...

but no time

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