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Originally Posted by donpaulo View Post
I am not sure I agree with this sentiment exactly

but when making executive decisions you make the call and hope to be right more than wrong

As far as "developing" kids I would have preferred to see Sanguinetti get the slot given to MDZ last year. Hindsight being 20-20 and NYR missing the playoffs I think del Zotto could have used a season in the AHL. But thats life and as I just said, the pres makes the call we get to question them after the decision is made. MDZ looked absolutely HORRIBLE against the avalanche. -4 in one period. Is that a rangers record ? Yes he rebounded against the Wild, but consistency is the game right ? Lets ask the extremely talented Christensen about consistency...

I think NY still has a lot to learn about "development" and should seriously consider copying the Red Wings current system or hiring someone away who can implement it. Whatever Detroit is doing they are doing the right way. NY could stand to improve more in that area.

I still feel that Stepan was mishandled until he got the chance to play with Gaborik over the last few games. DS needs to get quality ice time in the NHL or the AHL. Not bench time, but thats from another thread.

Sauer has been a pleasant surprise and I think Gilroy (not developed by NY) have improved their play mostly because Rozi is out. Lets see what happens when he comes back and it becomes a numbers game again.

as far as winning/losing goes I think the best way to look at the two would be to compare Edmonton and say Colorado or Philly or Detroit. The Oil has fallen on hard times went full bore youth and there really hasn't been any development of those kids. Sam Gagner, Cogliano, Pouliot have all seemed to stagnate.

Detroits picks take years to make the team. You have to go back to 2006 just to find one guy who is on the current team.

But you're conveniently leaving out the fact that Sangs was outplayed by MDZ and MDZ had a monster first month. He beat out competition not just for a spot but vets for playing time as a result of the fact he was ready at that time. He has regressed since. He could maybe benefit from some A time.

Sometimes the best move is to give a prospect a taste if they show they can handle it but sometimes it has to be spoon fed which we aren't doing with MDZ. If you think that's the error in development I wouldn't argue with you but to indicate he should have been sent to the A and Sangs deserved that spot is wrong.

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