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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Like I said, I wouldn't sign any player that long. It's just too freaking long. All this to save about 1-2M off the cap???..No thanks. I rather wait a year and have that extra 1-2M of added space from the cap increase.
Valid point but when it's a question of "this is my chance to sign Crosby" I doubt that's what's on the mind

Like I said I would never even sign Price to a 15 year deal but when one of those guys comes along I'd possibly re-consider.

Reason I say it is because I think the number of cups having a guy like Crosby on our team could help us get compared to the years he wouldn't be worth the salary hugely outweighs the negatives

Of course you could also not win the cup too

Switch Crosby out in Gomez place though and I think we'd be a contender for years to come and not just where Pittsburgh is in the standings, I think we'd do much better.

I'm guessing your point is that even Crosby could get a knee injury and then never be the same, which is valid. I think in the new NHL though it takes a few risks to win a cup in most cases.

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