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10-06-2003, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs
10:1 says you cannot find a link to back up this claim.

Whatever. Save your Tony Robbins speach for another forum. He was doing somewhere around 80 mph, not 180. Excessive? Yes, but big whoop. Who here hasn't driven excessively, and without a Ferrari?

Do you even know the rest of the facts yet? Did a dog run out in front of him? Was he cut off by another driver? Was he racing an unkown third party?

Snyder is dead, Heatley is out for a long time and emotionally damaged for life. This is all we are certain of.

"The Ferrari is a wild beast"? Ok there shooter, thanks for clearing that up.
Tony Robbins speach? Go say that to Girard. A dog running in the street? You don't get charge criminally when a dog causes an accident. The curb in which it happened is well known in Atlanta for its numerous accidents.

80 mph in a curb with a car like a Ferrari could be potentially dangerous. Go in a 40 km/h curb at 80 mph and tell me if it's dangerous or not. Your accusations were ********. Tony Robbins???

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