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11-22-2010, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Doughty should be a chilseled piece of man meat right now. Anything less than being cut at his age, his profession and his payscale is pure laziness. If a dietician is not provided by the team to make your meals then it is a write off, no excuses not to have one. If a personal trainer is not provided by the team it is also a write off, no excuses not to have one.
... Honestly, I'm baffled if there isn't one - or even a few - employed by the team in this day and age. I've followed Japanese Baseball for quite a few years, and the teams in that organization pretty much have an employed staff selecting and providing the meals for the players 24 and 7 and 365, including the off-season, and this has been going on since the late 80s. I'm not saying they have it right, nor am I saying that kind of structured approach would fly out here in North America. But, what I WILL say for that league's approach to diet and fitness is that you'll never see a guy not reach a ball in the field or get thrown out at a base because he wasn't in shape or because he was gorging himself on pizza and ice cream the night before.

And, yes I absolutely agree that 20 is a VERY easy age to stay within at least a minimal level of conditioning, never mind the level required to be playing 25-30 minutes a game in the NHL. But I also know the lack of maturity involved with someone at that age. Do I think that his lack of conditioning has been responsible for his drop in production? Not really, it's more that teams are able to scout him and find new ways to counter what Drew likes to do out there, and that's why he has the number of giveaways that he does. Although this season is Doughty's third in the league, it seems very much like the classic "sophomore slump" where Drew got that taste of success and media attention, and felt all he needed to do was show up and play the game and he'd continue to produce at a high level. I personally feel he'll pull out of this mindset as the season goes along, and that this off-season he'll take a more serious approach to his profession. I think he's in better shape now than people want to give him credit for, but I also think there's obviously room for improvement - and that he WILL improve, given time and maturity.

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