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11-22-2010, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by gravytrain6t View Post
No way do I trade Lundqvist. Just like people may have the impression that Iginla has and always will be a Flame, I cannot for the life of me see this guy play for any other team...With Biron here I feel it is all the more reason to not deal Lundqvist. We know what kind of a goaltender "Hank" is. Whenever he has been off of his game it's due to mental fatigue. I was wrong (imo) about Chad Johnson. I don't believe he's a suitable back up. Now we have one in Biron. And I think he loves it here (especially having the opportunity to work with B.A.).

Contrary to what many might think. I believe goal tending is as important now, than it has ever been. I don't know the stats off hand (they beat L.A., Vancouver, and Washington recently) But I'll bet Buffalo has been playing much better hockey and will be putting up more "W's" now that Miller has returned.
And there's no way Montreal eliminates the Pens + Caps without Halak.
If Philly and/or Washington do not win a Cup this year or the year after, I think those team's will be forced (out of frustration) to make a deal for a top notch goal tender.

Not to mention, I think (already) you can make the argument that Lundqvist is the best goal tender this franchise has ever seen. Richter and Giacomin had much better offensive teams (and cup contending team's) with all of the hall of fame players (and banner raising guys) they've had the chance to play with every year. But I think the Rangers have plenty of youth within the organization who are playing well, and will only get better each and every year.

So no, I wouldn't trade Lundqvist (unless the deal includes a variety choice of one particular super star player from a few teams out there. But to these team's I can guarantee they say no primarily because it would make absolutely no sense).
Halak is a good example of what I've been mentioning in this thread. Halak got hot. Damn hot. At the right time. But Halak could have been had for a 2nd round pick in the middle of last season.

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