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Originally Posted by DatsyukSOGoal View Post
Many other sports such as basketball and baseball have Sabremetric statistics that can show things like the percent of ground balls a pitcher produces, or on what part of the court a basketball player is most successful at shooting. They are better indicators of how good a player actually is, and often expose their faults better than average stats or what the naked eye could see.

Are there any known Sabremetric stats for hockey, perhaps something like 'save percentage on certain areas of the ice', or even something like 'percentage of goals on slap shots, wrist shots, or in Frolov's case... wraparounds, etc?'

Baseball obviously has fangraphs, what does hockey have, if anything?

Advanced statistics is the direction where many sports are heading and many front offices are using these stats to better understand the value of players. It could help determine how valuable defensive defensemen, who don't usually put up any numbers on the score sheet, are compared to each other.
You've just seen the gaping chasm of statistics in hockey.

That doesn't stop people from trying to use the rudimentary ones available to say some silly things around here though.

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