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11-22-2010, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Herschel View Post
As usual Eklund is connecting dots based on conversations that teams have been having and doesn't really know in the end which players the teams are talking about. But trust me Eklund has the wrong defenceman.

Allow me to channel Eklund and connect the dots.

Toronto is looking for scoring and has been speaking to SJ about Seto and SJ is looking for a two way help along the blueline. So the trade looks something like

Seto to Toronto in exchange for Dman X
There is also rumored to be some picks involved in this deal.

Here is the way I see this going down:

SJ and Toronto both send picks to Edmonton
Edmonton recalls Souray and Toronto picks him up off the waiver
Toronto trades Souray to SJ for Seto.

The delay in Eklund's rumor speaks that Toronto is waiting to pull the trigger till Dion is healthy, again Eklund incorrectly connects the dots and it is Souray's health that the deal rides on. Then again I am only connecting the dots, but Seto for Souray (@2.5M) makes more sense than Beauchemin.
I appreciate the thought, but Souray isn't a solution. He has a great shot on the PP but the PP isn't our problem. He's good on the PK too, but we have players with size to knock people down. The personnel issue with our team is we lack puck-carriers who can control the exit and move out with speed. Souray is neither fast nor is he a good skater with the puck. Doesn't seem to be the right guy if we are trading a fast forward with upside - to get back a slower defenseman that is aging and doen't properly fill a void.

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