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Originally Posted by Dakota Sioux View Post
Gonna disagree with on the best coach after York. I would put York,Berenson,and Blais in a category by themselves. After those 3 I'm not to sure who follows.
Red and Deaner are great coaches, no doubt. I make the case for Comley since he won a title with lowly Northern Michigan and had maybe the 4th or 5th best talent in the tourney when Sparty won it under him. Red has had the best talent flow of any program (the NHL is littered with Wolverines). I take nothing away from him, talent doesn't win by itself...I'm just wondering if he could have taken Bowling Green (York) or Northern (Comley) to an elite level. York and Comley are the only coaches in the NCAA to win titles with different teams.

I have a harder time arguing against Blais: true he took over after Gino laid the groundwork to be a perenial contender in Grand Forks, like Comley had the good fortune to follow Ron Mason. Blais has been great at Omaha as well. Mike Kemp worked hard to build up the program but I don't think he could run it like DB is right now. It's a mostly subjective debate since each guy mentioned has had pretty enviable success. I'd be happy with any of them behind the Badger bench, no doubt.

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