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11-22-2010, 07:40 PM
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I flop my tongues and skip the top eyelet. It makes a world of difference in my skating. You do need strong ankles to skip eyelets though. First time I skipped eyelets I felt like my ankles would snap at any moment.

I have One80's which are pretty dang stiff, so when I laced up all the way it prevented my lower shins from leaning forward too far so I didn't get a very good knee bend. I tried skipping the top eyelet one day and I it increased the knee bend I could achieve tremendously. I tried lacing my skates up all the way a week later and I could get zero knee bend with how stiff they are.

As for flopping, the tongue does hinder the forward bend a slight bit too, so it's easier to just bend it down and keep it out of the way for good. If you tuck your tongues under your shins that'll kill your forward bend too if your skates are too stiff.

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