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11-22-2010, 08:13 PM
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Originally Posted by mjmj View Post
The point of if Eagles is or is not a good coach is irrelivant, as he does not have a personality that would allow him to attract athletes, the word "on the street" in the junior leagues is "stay away". The best year STU had under Eagles, was when the players were left over from the previous coach. Social skills are extremely important in this business, lets be frank, that is not one of Eagles's strong points!(does not make him a bad person.....just ineffective in this business)
Not necessarily, Vince Mulligan at UPEI, one of the most eccentric people I know, and a nervous chain smoking, shifty eyed....but....three AUAA championships in four years, dominating performances, and the recruiting! still a legend. Major junior hockey players have been through a lot, they have seen all kinds of characters, just look at some of the junior coaches in recent memory, that crazy Bill Stewart guy in Barrie, There may be plenty staying away, but they'll always be a few who will show up anyway. At Saint Mary's in the mid nineties, the word on the street was there were enough ex players in the university to form their own varsity team! Yet each year there would be a few more new guys.

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