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05-31-2005, 07:34 AM
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couple of things


he had a couple of fluke goals as a Ranger.
his first goal was flukey, that wrist shot from the blueline. his second goal was anything but flukey, it was a perfect pinch down to the circle to take a pass from behind the net and fire it in for a goal. i don't know where this impression that it was "flukey' came from but it kind of undermines any position of authority you might have to discuss him when you can't even remember his goals that you bring up all the time


I mean everyone is gushing over Kondratiev, but his stint in Hartford was absolutely horrendous. I agree he has good potential and reports I've read of his play in Russia were positive, but if we are to judge him based on half a season in the AHL, then IMO he'd be ranked much much lower than where he is. His positioning and decision-making were among the worst on Hartford's defense and it's funny so few people talk about it.
did you watch many hartford games? i just wonder because first kondratiev only played like 20 games (not half a season) and very very few were shown on tv unless you live in hartford. maybe you did see more than a couple, i don't know for sure, but frankly i seem to get somewhat conflicting reports on kondratiev...some thought he played quite well and others thought he didn't at times...maybe it was both, who knows, i didn't see enough games...which leads me to...


there's a lot of supposition about these players based on a very small amount of games all of us probably saw them play in last year in the AHL. we seem to love taking some stats...height, weight, points scored, blah blah blah, and extrapolating that into a prediction about a guys career without seeing him play more than a handful of games. we all do it of course but i tend to think it's almost ridiculous to have strong feelings one way or another about a guy like pck who most of us have hardly seen play at all. he has his upside, he may not reach it, who knows? the most i can say is that he's an average sized defender with a very good shot, superb forward skater, needs to work on his backwards skating and pivots, and defensive positioning in general, but i believe he tries to play both ends of the ice. the tools are there i think and if he uses them all he'll be fine, if not, well then he won't make it, just like any other player

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