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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
One thing that has been driving me nuts in one of my leagues is there's a guy who's basically taking over the team, setting the lines. What makes it worse is that he keeps putting all the best players on his line with the rest on the other lines. The problem with that is there's a pretty big difference in skill between the two lines and it gets to the point where the other line is lucky to get 3 shots on net all game. To make matters worse, his line hasn't even been able to score that often. Based on the skill that's on that line, they should be scoring 5-6 goals every game but lately they struggle for 2-3. The problem is the other team just looks at the line and puts their better defensive pairing on the ice against them and shut them down every time.
If you were from NY I would think you were describing my team. We have had the same collection of guys for the past year, and we had a guy added late this season. He comes in and decides he is the "captain and coach". The guy is also a flat out awful hockey player. We have kept the lines pretty loose the last year and a half, we all get along really well, and we give everyone a chance to play with everyone. We have a few guys that are very good, a few beginners, and guys in the middle like myself. For the most part, we are between 18-22 or so, because were the guys that work at the rink.

Long story short, this year we got this guy added to our team who didnt have a team so he comes in and declares himself coach, captain and GM. He is assigning lines in warmups, assigning D-pairings, and bringing people with him to the rink, screwing with everyones ice time, because he is the only player on the team too winded to keep up with a regular shift. Our last game, the first period ended, and el capitan skates over to the bench, and says to our best player (who in addition to being the best player we have by a mile, is also a really great kid, who always looks to set up the guys that have never played before, and has the ego of a snail) "I'm gonna drop you to the second line". The blank stare with the WTF face that followed was too priceless for words.

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