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Originally Posted by canuck44 View Post
That's what a guy wearing the TOne's told me, and I was expecting the same from the one100s since they share the same boot.

Weird thing is, first 2-3 times I skated in them, no pain at all. But the next few times, it was a little painful, and last time I got a blister on my toe. So I have no idea what's going on.
the one100s are essentially the same boot, but a few different material components. they are significantly softer and they are a little lighter as well.

the problems you had might be attributed to your foot type. different skate companys make their skates differently, and for different shaped feet. thus, the break-in time will be different for everyone. as for me, i've used bauer for a long time now, because they fit my feet the best. not to say that they won conform to your foot, it might just take a bit longer.


Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
The TO and the One100 are not the same boot. There is a slightly different liner and foam in the TO and it is also slightly softer. Bauer denies this, but if you take both side by side, you can squeeze the TO boot together much easier than the One100 boot.
yeah there are considerable differences between the two. i had the one100s before these and the boots are essentially the same, but with a slightly more felxible exterior and a considerably softer interior. there is more cushion inside the totalones, i got a half size up from my one100s

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