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11-23-2010, 08:51 AM
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Its making the players accountable. I'm on the side that its the players team once they jump over the board. You can teach a team how to skate, pass, and play the PK, but once they're on the ice, your hands as a coach are tied. If Komisarek decides to throw it up the middle instead of down the boards like you teach him in practice, that really isn't your fault.

As for benching players who aren't giving effort, I 100% agree. These are male hockey players that are feeding off of 'drive' from eachother, and if someone isn't going to give it, then someone else will. Don't tell me its not there either. We've seen many times the team get a fire under their ass in the third, and suddenly a couple other lines start playing as well.

I think it was Dungy, maybe someone else, that said a few weeks ago, if you think the coach is at fault when the team isnt player well, then you don't know the game. That may have been football, but its still a sport.

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