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11-23-2010, 09:52 AM
Puck Farise
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How to beat a trapping team, in roller hockey?

After game 1 of my leagues championship round last night...we're stumped as to how to beat this team. They're 1st place, went undefeated, and we finished in 2nd at 8-2...while scoring ~30 more goals than them, and giving up less than 10 more. They play very solid defensive hockey, get maybe 3-4 good chances per game, and then get lucky **** goals.

For example, last night they dumped a puck in from over the center line and it bounced no less than 3 times, off a defensemans skate, past anothers stick, and hit one of their forwards shin guard before going 5 hole on our goalie.

We're purely a run-n-gun team, but still manage to keep their chances low because they flat out don't have much scoring. Our top 2 scorers had more goals alone than anyone on their team had points. Yet we still lost 5-4.

Their goalie is very good at straight on shots, and they normally pick off passes in front of the net. What kind of strategy do we try to use to put some more pucks in the net on a team like that?

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