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11-23-2010, 10:33 AM
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To your first question. The net is probably the last place the puck will come to from a guy stuck on the boards. Go help out but make sure you help out to the goal line side. If the puck pops out to the blue line side your defenseman should be there so stay down low. Also don't just jump into the pile and clog it up even more. Keep yourself in a position to be able to do something with the puck should you get it.

This is something that you can work on off the ice with your other forwards. Let them know where you will be when they get in that situation. Let them know that he just needs to move the puck down the boards, with a stick or a kick or something, just free it up. You can also run a set play off of this as well, especially in a beginner league. Chances are that if you end up with the puck the 2 opponents will just both turn and come at you. If you just back a little deeper into the corner and your teammate who was stuck on the boards breaks for the net he should be wide open in the faceoff circle. If it helps to visualize this just draw it out on a piece of paper and it should make sense.

To your second question. Unless your out of position guy can cover your place before you can cover his or he can get back to his own spot, just stay put. I know you want to fix something that you see as broken but in reality it usually just creates 2 people out of position and a bigger mess than you already have. If you're doing someone else's job then chances are nobody is doing your's. If the puck comes back to your point man and he cruises up and scores, it's on you. Just concentrate on your job especially as a beginner. You can switch later on when everyone actually knows what everyone else's assignment is. Keep it simple and do your job well before you try and complicate the game. There are 100 different things to be done at one time during a game. Do your 20 and let everyone else do their own 20 and you'll have them all covered.

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