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11-23-2010, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Gunnar Stahl 30 View Post
players thinking they are "a" players when they are barely "c"

i play on two teams, the one i really enjoy and everyone has a good time except this one guy who tries to run the team but im not too upset about all that

the other team....we have guys that are over 30 and play goons, and a couple that try and coach us like hard, pre game speeches and talks about positioning and doing the small things when its ****in beer league and noone dumps and chases, then i have these 2 guys who look and skate exactly alike and are ****in terrible and take 2 minute shifts because they dont skate.

i really cant stand my one team. i only like about 3 guys on the team. its the most ignorant delusional lockerroom ive ever been in. these guys take it so seriously and really think we should play a system or something. they try and coach but they are the dumbest hockey minds ive played with, zero hockey sense. the worst is we've had so many ****ing too many men penalties because these 2 guys that look and skate exactly alike dont know how to handle it when we dont have even the goons and the other guys who dont know how to change lines take a **** load of penalties which means guys like me get shorter shifts

****ing ****ernner **** ass
LMAO. I'm sorry for this but that post actually made my morning. I don't think I can tolerate humanity enough for team sports.

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