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Originally Posted by DontPass2Rolston View Post
Well keep in mind this is roller hockey, it's a high scoring game. Taking out the 2 games where we destroyed the bottom feeders, on average we won games 7.75 to 4.75. So this game was about average for our goals against...we just can't really score much on them. They have some guys who are good with the puck, we're just better by a fair margin at scoring...and out of a 10 team league they finished 5th in goals while going undefeated...their game is 80-90% defense and goalie.

Thanks for the detailed advice though...not sure about the sweet talking the goalie thing haha, never heard that one befor. But maybe it'd be worth while to have our best/fastest forwards switch to D and pinch more often to put pressure on. That's a pretty common strategy in roller.

And our defense isn't THAT good, we play run-n-gun and have a good goalie...but have made sure to not get caught pinching often since it's hard to make up for goals against vs this team.

From my experience (I play college roller against various types of teams, trapping/run and gun, etc.) and what I have found is that unless you have a team full of speed demons run and gun does not work. To beat a trapping team, if your team speed isn't enough to blow past them, your gonna have to slow things down and work your breakout. A good solid breakout with a few crisp passes will open up the rink. The key is to exit your zone with a lot of support from your defense.

Again, run and gun simply doesn't really work in roller hockey unless you're all fast or can snipe from anywhere. Try slowing things down and work the perfect breakout.

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