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11-23-2010, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
Soory to bring up this old one, but I completely forgot about it.

No, I wasn't wriong. As a matter of fact, I looked up all the numbers right before posting, and most of the time, the Euro was around 1.30, with the occasional peak. It made absolutely no difference to the players, as they knew exactly what kind of money they were getting. They didn't sign their last contract at 1.50 and had it drop to this season. The Euro was at 1.30 when they signed their last deals, and it was at 1.30 when they signed their new deals.

I really can't see Hannover surviving with that kind of budget next year. With that kind of reduction, having to play in a rather expensive big arena is making things even worse.
Totally disagree with your claims. First of all if you think it wouldn't make any difference to players that they lose 20-30% off their paychecks then I'm not sure it's worth bothering with this back and forth. Secondly, I just checked financial charts again and this past summer was 20-25% lower than the previous 2 summers. Attendance seems to be okay in the DEL and in most ESBG cities this year so hopefully team management and owners are finding ways to be more efficient with their budgets. The leagues need security.

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