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Originally Posted by galvo View Post
Unsportsmanlike conduct. You'd have to be quite delusional to not see that. I still cannot believe Eller got away with that.

And before you say, "well Briere got away with a slash!" Eller slashed Briere's feet first before the puck was even dropped, tripping him in the process. They're both at fault but Eller crossed the line when he decided to chuck Briere's stick. Clearly unsportsmanlike conduct.
Seriously ? That's where the line crossing was for you ? Not the nut-crushing ? Impaling an opponent's junk is just part of the game but throwing away the weapon stuck in your balls afterwards is over the line ?

Briere is such a gutless little b1tch (happy to see I'm not the only one who had noticed) I have seen him do this cheapest of moves a bunch of times ; if someone was do look for it, I'm sure we could make a video "best of Briere" cracking nuts like 20-30 times in his career. I'd be so embarassed if he was wearing habs colors. Ron fournier was right : he is a chieux

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