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Originally Posted by Mr. Canucklehead View Post
Most annoying team I played on?

I was desperate for some hockey one year and basically put my name out for any team that had a spot. Ended up with a team in Division 7, I think, of the Duffers Hockey League in Vancouver. (I usually play Div 1 but thought at least it would be a way to get some skating legs in).

These guys played a full, set-line system. They had their top line which they put out in all key situations, their second line, and their 3rd "checking line". The checking line was where they stuck guys they thought couldn't score. That's where I ended up as the new guy.

It didn't matter if we'd gotten on the ice two seconds earlier. If the other team iced the puck for an offensive zone faceoff, we were called back to the bench so "the top line" could go out. Faceoff in our own end? Back to the bench we go so the top line's "faceoff specialist" could come out. We get on and the other team takes a penalty? Back to the bench so "the top unit" could go on the PP.

It was Division SEVEN. Beer league. These guys sucked.

My last game I got kind of cheesed off. I was ticked not just for myself, but for my two linemates. Here's two guys who at a later age were learning to play hockey, paying the same as the rest of these clowns and playing way, way, way less. So the "second line is out" and the bench notices the other team has some weak guys on the ice. Woop! Better get the top line out there to take advantage. They start calling the second line off. I practically tossed my "checking line" linemates over the boards onto the ice and gave us a shift. I checked the hell out of every opposing player setting up every gimme pass I could for these guys until finally one of them, an awesome, nice guy named Barry, finally managed to swipe one home.

Then I quit.

Anyways, end of that story. One of my big pet peeves is playing with guys who played Junior B. I don't mean the nice guys(who in my experience, are few and far between) who played a high level of hockey and are chill about it. I mean the idiots who played a couple of games of Junior B one year and think they're the cat's you-know-what. Always quick to criticise their teammates, their goalies, etc. "Keep two hands on the stick" "heads up for the pass" "don't throw it up the middle" and then proceed to not follow their own advice.

My favorite is a guy who quite literally will not shut up about how everyone else should carry and move the puck. His play is characterized by getting the puck in his own end, skating wide down the wing until he's practically beside the net and hitting the outside of the post, missing the two or three guys open in the slot. Oi.

Goon teams irritate me as well. It's a beer league...relax.
Wow, that is seriously horrendous, beer league should just be chill and fun.

However, about the junior A/B comment, my current team has a couple guys who played junior B and one who played junior A (don't know about the US, but in Canada junior A is one level below the CHL) and they're all super chill, awesome guys, not at all like your experience playing with junior B players. My whole team is great though, competes hard but everyone is just out to have fun, everyone gets equal ice time regardless of skill, not too chippy, not too harsh on even the worst mistakes, and plenty of post-game beers.

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