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11-24-2010, 10:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
This post may sound weird after my previous comment about how our team gets blown out all the time. Everybody on our team is new to hockey, and many to skating, and we're playing in a league where each team went through the same things we did, eventually got better.

Yeah we've been blown out every game. So far in the 7 games we've played, we've only lost by less than 10 goals once. But that still doesn't mean we don't want a fair game.

The refs have always been "kind" to us, helpful even. A lot of times they'll call out where we should be, let us know if we have time to move the puck, make other helpful suggestions. They understand some of the guys on the team have been skating for less than 6 months, and are already unstable on their skates. A stiff wind knocks them over, and the refs are quick to send the other team to the box for tripping. The only real difference between our team on the Power Play and our team 5 on 5, is that we actually have a chance of getting the puck out of our zone on the PP.

While we aren't thrilled about the refs calling "bad" penalties in our favor, they've started crossing the line to out and out cheating for us. The rare time we get the puck into their zone, the linesman has started "accidentally" blocking their clearing attempt keeping the puck in the zone. He's also occasionally dropped the puck diagonally, so that it skips off the dot, and right to one of our wingers.

The ref will run interference on their D, in his words "Trying to get into position to see the play" or step over a players stick and trap it between his legs.

I know the refs mean well, and are just trying to help us out (and conversely they seem to be having fun playfully screwing with players on the other team that they know) But it's frustrating. We'd rather just take our lumps and keep learning. And yeah it messes us up too, when we're moving to get in position to grab the puck off of their clearing attempt, only to have the linesman block that attempt.

While the sentiment is nice, we'd just rather have a fairly called (and played) game.
Take it in stride, no one likes to witness a slaughter, deserved or not. The refs behaviour will fade away as your team gets better. That time will come when the other teams start complaining about the calls. If it's really bugging you, have someone talk to the refs before the game starts, without directly mentioning the fairness of their calls. "Just so you know, we're a new team with a bunch of guys new to hockey and new to skating. We suck.. we know we suck. We're going to get slaughtered today. We can take our beating like men, it won't bother us. I just wanted to let you know you're going to witness a lot of horror stories that you can talk about around the fireplace when you're old men. We want to tell the same stories, so don't worry about the script."

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