Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Nov. 24th KINGS@CANADIENS 7:30PM
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11-24-2010, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Yeah I definitely agree. He should play D or be in the AHL. Having him up as a forward is a waste of his time and ours. Thing is though he still looked pretty bad out there even on D, I guess with the limited time he got to play as a D though it isn't fair to judge just yet due to the microscopic effect

Either way though I don't disagree about having 7 guys I just think if you're going to play a guy like Weber sparingly you might as well have him in the AHL and have a fringe guy sitting in the press box.
Right, well, Martin in his brilliance threw him out there on defense with three minutes left after a full game of warming the bench and playing forward.

As I recall, he only got a decent opportunity on two power plays. On the first one, he made a bad cross ice pass after a fake that Richards read and deflected out of the zone. Not great, but I wouldn't condemn him on one bad play, Richards is one of the best PKers in the league.

On the second, he basically stood there while the other four guys decided to make it a four on four, focusing on the right side of the ice, while he waited on the left.

With about 25 seconds left in the PP, they fed him and he fired a rocket wrist shot (the sound it made off the boards was impressive) wide, then he one timed a slapshot just a few seconds later, which Boucher saved.

The flaw in both cases was, either Weber was setting up wide, or he was told to set up wide. People rarely score from the left boards by the blueline.

To me it was brutal PP design. You call up a rocket, you put that rocket in the center of the ice and threaten a dead on one timer.

For whatever reason, on the overload PP the team was running, they instead had him on the left boards, with Hamrlik in the middle. But Hamrlik was playing the role of playmaker, not shooter. This isn't rocket science. You are supposed to put the passer on the boards on an overload powerplay and line the shooter up in the shooting lane.

....all of that is long way of saying, they never even gave him half a chance to succeed.

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