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11-24-2010, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Majik1987 View Post
Yes, I have. Not a lot of other teams can watch their games on TV. Certainly not to the same degree as the Wolves.

Hmmmm, and this is the first time you have experienced this phenomenon? Most home team announcers advocate for their team. If they didn't why would fans of that team want to watch it? The only time you get 'neutral' announcers is for national sporting telecasts. Clearly, you aren't going to get any of those for the AHL.
I have been watching and yes, they are homers. I will say that when the Wolves were melting on their 7 game road losing disaster, Billy Gardener was taking them to task now and then. The play by play guy kept his trap shut being the "good company man" that he is. Jason Shaver I think his name is. He is a "company spokesman". However, I have heard worse homers though than these two.

In town just listen to Hawk Harrelson do the Sox games. I like the Sox but he is horrible. The team farts and he smells roses. Just unlistenable.

Majik--I will say that true fans would still watch even if the home team announcers played it straight like the national guys do. We watch our teams when they are on nationally and are not the worse for it.

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