Thread: Larry Brooks: Slats in no rush to add Brad
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11-24-2010, 11:56 AM
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I think Brad Richards is getting a little underrated here. People seem to fail to realize that he outscored Gaborik last year, and is only 2 years older.

The biggest issue is making the caphit workout, so assuming that it is somehow accomplished (trade rozy, buyout drury, whatever, not the point of my post), there are two situations I see.

1. Ideally, Slats offers him the same deal as Gaborik. 5 years. 37.5 Million. I don't see Brad Richards accepting a deal like this however, because it would take him right to the grey 35 year old area, where his future is less secure. Thus I imagine the Rangers (or any team) would offer him
2. 49 Million over 7 years. Slightly lower cap hit, but I imagine Richards would push hard for a few years past 35.

For what its worth, I would do either in a heartbeat if the caphit works out. He is a serious talent. Another gamebreaker.

But as said above, I would NOT pay for a rental. Every single Ranger would have to be playing at 100% of their ability (Gaborik at .6 gpg, Lundqvist in god mode etc) for the Rangers to be "one piece away". I think this is unlikely at best.

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