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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
I will have to check if the TV I want has the option of turning it from 60hz to 120hz and back. I know there are plenty of shows I will want to watch it 60hz, and other things in 120hz.

OK... now I'm off to check Plasma prices and see if I can afford one of those too...

Damn you all and thanks so much!
I don't think you can change the 120hz to 60 hz and that should not matter. At 120 the screen just "paints" the same picture twice. You can turn off the "Auto Motion Plus" this is a feature that looks at the current frame and the next frame and "paints" a frame that is between the two. It reduces blur in sports, which is great in hockey for tracking the puck, but can make other images seem a little fake. I say try it both ways and see if you notice/can live with it either way.

Plasma are 600hz which means it "paints" the picture 10 times. Go to Costco or Best Buy or better yet Living Spaces (I am not saying buy form any of these places or not) and compare them side by side. I suggested living spaces because you can maybe get someone to put sports on the TVs or turn on/off the motion correction features. Look at the pictures and judge. Most TVs are pretty good and it comes down to personal taste. Do you like whiter whites or blacker blacks.

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