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11-24-2010, 02:45 PM
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I have been very lucky with the men's league teams I have been a part of. I play in two "A" leagues in NY, one of which is actually comprised of a lot of college/ex-college players and a few guys who played juniors. Of course there's also the guys not up to that level, but all in all it's pretty good hockey as far as men's leagues go. Because the skill level is pretty decent, guy's don't normally look at the games as life and death, because the majority of us have played in much more meaningful games...I personally believe that a lot of the lower levels actually have more dirty play and B.S. because these games are the end-all-be-all for a lot of the players.

Anyway, our team has always prided itself on being a clean team and not stooping to the dirty play, and always have the fewest PIMs by a ton each season, but recently we have one guy who LOVES throwing knees whenever he gets beat...he always says it's a completely fair play and he's just playing the body (non-check, btw), but if a hit like this happened in the NHL it'd be a brawl (and has turned into that in our league twice as well). Lately he's calmed down a lot but Jesus that was frustrating.

Also, I subbed a few games in a lower league in order to play with my dad, and they basically begged me to skate the puck down the ice every time to beat the other team, which I refused to do and instead just played a very conservative defensive game where I didn't do much skating. I really couldn't believe how crazed they were about playing certain players and trying to introduce certain schemes...I mean these guys could hardly skate and the skill level was so low, I couldn't believe that any one person on the team would be critical towards any other player, but they were, and they were harsh.

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