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11-24-2010, 03:22 PM
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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Wow, that is seriously horrendous, beer league should just be chill and fun.

However, about the junior A/B comment, my current team has a couple guys who played junior B and one who played junior A (don't know about the US, but in Canada junior A is one level below the CHL) and they're all super chill, awesome guys, not at all like your experience playing with junior B players. My whole team is great though, competes hard but everyone is just out to have fun, everyone gets equal ice time regardless of skill, not too chippy, not too harsh on even the worst mistakes, and plenty of post-game beers.
I should clarify; I've met some tremendously cool, relaxed Junior B/A vets. For the most part, the guys who actually played at that level(or higher) on a regular basis are very down to earth, unselfish guys on the ice and good, friendly guys in the room.

The guys I refer to are usually the guys that played 1 or 2 games at that level and think that this makes them better than everyone else. You can see the components that got them a look at that level for sure; good size, smooth skating, nice puckhandling, etc...but it's put together in a pretty selfish package, and they are non-stop talkers on the bench, on the ice and in the room, and it's not all positive. That's been the majority of my experience with ex Junior types, unfortunately.

And I agree 100%, beer leagues should just be fun. I can honestly live with the guy who takes long shifts here and there, but when it's a whole team mentality trying to be "pro" when it's recreational and (supposed to be) fun, it's just sad.

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