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11-24-2010, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by jd2210
Did you read the whole OP? It was in english. Greig played 30 games for the Flyers so he fits under the second sentence (the unbolded one that is directly below the first one) of a guy who "never panned out." Surely someone like yourself who bases opinions solely on can look up that he was a first round draft pick. First round picks are supposed to make it. I can explain how the draft works if you like. He played 30 games for the Flyers. We then can conclude that he was a guy who never panned out for the Flyers, and I liked him and so I mentioned his name on a forum thread asking for the names of guys who had short stinks with the Flyers that we liked that never panned out or were traded. Is that plain enough for you or should I break out some puppets and crayons?
Who buddy, cut the attitude - pelts actually has a point. The title of the thread is asking to list players who had short stints... its a bit ridiculous to include a guy that was in the organization for 5 years as someone who had a short stint.

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