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06-01-2005, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by medmed
what skates do you have? and if these aren't the one you would have anted, wich would you like? personnaly, i have the Bauer Vapor XX, i think they're great and those i like the most.

I've currently got an old pair of 752 Tacks (the ones with the pump and the kevlar stitching) that were top of the line back in like 97. They're nearly brand new and I got them on Ebay for $50. They used to retail for 5 times that much. I wore the same skates for like 8 years before that (even though they were about 2 and a half sizes too small the last 3 or so years after my feet finished growing), which I actually paid retail for back in the day and loved to death. Sadly, the boot eventually dry rotted off the right skate and the left one wasn't far behind. I just love having crappy, beat up equipment (that way no one can ever accuse me of being "that guy" who wears $2500 gear and has a 10 cent game ).

That said, I'm extremely happy with the new pair, as 1) they actually fit, and 2) I know they're going to last a while.

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