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11-24-2010, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I was waiting for someone to say this, and there's absolutely no way that it's "just as valid," not even close.

Chelios beat Stevens by holding on as a bottom pairing defenseman for quite a few seasons - probably the equivalent of a backup goaltender. Whereas Stevens went out on top more or less. So I'll say Stevens still holds the record as a skater with a big role.

Seriously though, total wins for skaters doesn't tell us anything without knowing that skater's role. Whereas a goalie has to be a starter (and 95% of the time play the full 60 minutes) to be credited with a win. He also has to not suck enough to lose the game for his team by himself.

Honestly, as questionable as focusing on wins for goaltenders is, the stat itself does us something: A winning team trusted that goalie enough in net to keep him there for a lot of games, and he came through and did his part to win. Racking up a lot of wins shows a mixture of durability and trust given by a winning team (which is why I think total wins shows a lot more than winning percentage). And that most definitely is something that should be taken into account.

(Nothing against the premise of this thread - I do find it interesting).
OK, OK, I back off. It's not "just as valid" - it's "somewhat as valid". But more importantly it highlights the absurdity of focusing so much on a team statistic as opposed to stats that do a better job of understanding the goalie's individual performance.

As far as Chelios passing Stevens, isn't that just the parallel of a guy who sticks around as a middling starter, winning 25 games for bad teams, or who sticks around as a backup for a few years, and manages to rise up a few spots on the vaunted all-time leaders list as a result?

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