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11-24-2010, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by SlyGuy View Post
Crosby's cap hit is the second highest in the NHL so, yes, when he plays as the best in the NHL, he's doing what he's paid to do: be the best. I suppose you could argue that he's playing at Ovechkin money ($9.5M) but I would argue that it's more likely Ovechkin is overpaid.

Is Ovechkin worth 3.4 million more than last year's MVP and leading scorer? When you can get Getzlaf and Eriksson combined for the price of Ovechkin's contract, you know he's overpaid.

Fair point about the 2 Defensemen, and the Pens now need that kind of value at the Forward position. Potentially it's Jordan Staal, but I'd have to see at least 60 points in a season from him (to overachieve, I mean, not to earn his contract). Consider that Roy had 69 & 70 points the past two seasons for his $4M. Bourque had 58 points last year for $3.3M!
In a word, yes he is. Sedin's had one "elite" season. Ovechkin's been elite each and every season he's been in the NHL. You're not paying these guys their salary based on a single season.

If Sedin continues to be as dominant as Ovechkin (and Sid) year after year, every year, then you might have a case. But comparing the salary of a 29 year old who until last year had never even scored more than 82 points in a season, to someone who is a perennial 50+ goal, 100+ point man to make a point is silly.

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