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11-25-2010, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
I took the plunge today.

Bought a 54" Panasonic Plasma VT25... I saw a demo of hockey in 3D and decided I had to be prepared for when they start to broadcast it.

Haven't hooked it up yet. I have a nice 2 months to try it out to decide if I want to return it. Also the Guy gave me the black Friday deal. Definitely more money than I planned on spending but I got a 3D blueray player and two pairs of glasses with it for less than the normal price of the TV.

I still may decide to return it for the 2D model but I'm excited to try it out! Glad I didn't get it earlier and waste the maiden viewing on That abortion of a game today.

Thanks for all your help everyone!
I just looked through the ads today and wow...there are some sweet deals.

Fry's has this year's Mitsubishi Unisen 55" LED for $997. That is a crazy price. Granted, it's the lower end model in the series but I think that is mainly due to only having 12 integrated speakers as opposed to 16. Either way, that tv retails usually over $2,000.

Paul's ad talks about saving up to $799 on Mitsubishi Diamond Series DLP's while also throwing in a free PS3 system; however, the tv shown next to this offer is the Unisen LCD of 2009 which I have so that's confusing. If they are throwing up to $800 off on the Unisen LCD while tossing in a PS3, I'd be going to Paul's if I were you JDM just to see what's up. I know you bought a good tv but if you don't have a PS3 or Blu-ray player, then this is a sweet deal as it's a gorgeous television.

I don't know your living situation but the Unisen has an integrated, 5.1 "surround sound" speaker system in the television. You get a powered subwoofer and you have a decent sound system for a small area as you don't have 5 or 7 speakers all over your room.

If anyone is looking for a big tv and doesn't care about putting it up on the wall, Fry's has a 60" Mitsubishi DLP for $597. That is a lot of tv for $600, espaecially for one that is 3-D ready. Panasonic plasmas are really priced to move at all retailers as well since the public has sort of shunned them for LCD and LED. For example, Paul's is selling a 50" Samsung plasma for $1399 while throwing in 2 pairs of 3-D glasses and a free Fuji 3-D digital camera which is valued at $599. Damn I love Paul's.

And Fishhead, I agree with you about showrooms. I always do research on the internet first before going out there so I know what to look for. When I go to Best Buy, I know more about the tv I'm looking at then the salesman does which is good for when they try to sell you a $60 HDMI cable. I totally went gung-ho on my first big screen purchase and bought Monster, THX-certified COMPONENT CABLES for my 2004 DLP. $100 cable! Why!?!? Not saying the quality of cable can't make a difference but with HDMI, as long as you aren't using a really long cable, it's really negligible.

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