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11-25-2010, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by harakiri View Post
In TDM i hardly rush because of the spawns. In CTF and Domination i always rush because i like to attack the flags.. Array does have the worst spawns. But once you learn the spawn traps it really doesn't bother you as much.

The best example of spawn trapping is when you play on jungle. I really never got spawned into dangerous situations. Only time i really have is when the enemy team has a chopper gunner going around. You get automatically *****.
Jungle is probably the best map in the game, IMO. Launch is the map where I have had the biggest spawn problem with the opposition. On a few occasions the opponents have gotten into the spawn on the top section of the map and it kept putting me into the wash over there and got picked off before I knew what was going on. My favorite was a spawn next to a guy who promptly knifed me.

What's bizarre is that sometimes they flip really quickly... and sometimes they refuse to flip. I assume this is just a spacing of the teams issue, but it can be pretty bad at times.

You just have to find a medium between being patient and knowing when to rush. Also on certain maps you need to use certain guns. I don't recommend using any SMG on large maps like Array and Jungle.
I go with gun on playing style more than map. If I'm running a lightweight/marathon rush class, I like the SMG just because I plan to be in more CQC situations, and they have a real advantage over the ARs in that scenario.

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