Thread: Speculation: Zherdev for a Sunday afternoon
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11-25-2010, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
What I don't understand with your argument, Jester, is what merit you give to small sample sizes. I would think that a 19-game view is good for short-term planning. "Playing the hot hand" is the often-used cliché. I mean, we see all the time that decisions are made on the smallest sample size possible; ie, a player has a good shift, so the coach bumps him up a line or plays the line more. And as the shifts stay impressive, he gets more ice time throughout that game. Then, with a good game probably comes more ice time.

I'm not saying that his performance to date this year should prompt Holmgren to offer Zherdev an extension. But to say that these 19 games means nothing in terms of the day to day seems extreme, as does closing the book on a player after 384 games in the league.
Those 19 games are not indicative that Lavy is in error for having problems with Zherdev's game... which is the point, and what that poster was arguing. That Lavy was an idiot, look at Z's statistics!

Well, looking at Z's statistics, the only players on the team he deserves ice time over are Shelley and Carcillo.

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