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11-25-2010, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by nickschultzfan View Post
My thoughts from going to the game.

Koivu - Looks disinterested and slow, and needs much better linemates. Had some spark once he was playing with Havlat.

Havlat - Had a few ok shifts and created some scoring chances (he would have got some assist if the Wild had any goal scorers), but the guy has zero interest to score on his own. Kind of wish we just paid the extra 2.5m for Gaborik

O'Sullivan - Lack of defense and gives up easily. But he actually tried to make moves on the defense, which I haven't seen a Wild forward do ever. He has a role on this team. Had some chemistry with Cullen, which no one else has.

Cullen - Island out there but creates his own chances. Extremely weak down-low, missing pucks cycled down or getting bumped off. He's still better than Belanger for 2x the price. I still see him as a great 3rd line center, place holding 2nd line center.

Clutterbuck - He brings it. O'Sullivan-Cullen-Clutterbuck would be a great 3rd line (much less exciting 2nd line).

Nystrom - He has the tools to be a power forward, but he has zero hockey smarts. He just does the wrong thing too often. A slight upgrade over Veilleux at best. Still, he does his role on the bottom 2 lines.

Madden - I just don't like him on the Wild. He get too many minutes and he makes too many mistakes. He, not Barker, was the reason Philly made it 4-1. Barker was in a tough spot. Madden intentionally avoided covering for Barker like he should have. I just much rather be giving Madden's minutes to Brodziak, to try to further groom him for a 3rd center.

Brunette-Miettinen - These guys need to be not be on the 1st line. They just are too slow and don't generate enough offense. They are also a one-trick pony. Koivu enters zone (because Brunette and Miettinen can't), get it down low to Brunette, Miettinen waits for the pass from a bad angle. There is no feet movement. I honestly don't know what I would do with them. Probably trade them for middling young players.

Kassian-Brodziak-Staubitz - Best line all night. Kassian is a step too slow. I really like what Staubitz brings (besides the penalties). Brodziak can create scoring chances with nobody.

Defense - rough night. Definitely a game were the forwards hated the defense and the defense hated the forwards. Change up the forwards and our blueline will be much more effective, and the puck will actually get in the offensive zone, rather than coming right back at the defense.
Gabby didn't want to be here, and he made that clear. There really is no point saying "wish we kept gabby" cause he was going free agency even if we offered him more money than anyone else.

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