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Originally Posted by jd2210 View Post

I know kids who grew up great in spite of horrible parenting. Homer is like the bad parent, and the Flyers are the kid.

The Randy Jones mess will never be forgotten and the Walker/Shelly offseason is one to forget. Just like the Metropolit/Vannenen off season preceeding it.

Having a little hot streak now is not an excuse for horrid moves like sending Umberger packing, hiring idiot stick, trading a first rounder for Emminger and all the other miriad of moves I've hated.

I admit the OKT for Leino deal impresses me big time but I feel that where he and his team need praise is in their scouting and drafting. Look at the key pieces of this team right now and see how many of them are either draft picks or undrafted fa signings. When is the last time this team bombed on a first round draft pick? It sure makes me wonder who we could have had instead of Emminger that's for sure.
For heaven's sake, exhale and let it go. Comparing Homer to a bad parent? . This is his team and if you love it, you have to give him the credit. He built it directly or oversaw the scouting/drafting before Clarke left. He made the deals, he signed the players. He did so on the advice of good people he hired to advise him. That's good management.

Is there anyone seriously grieving the loss of nobodies like Metropolit and Vaananen or the fact that, faced with the departures or injuries to almost all his D corp, he signed Jones for some continuity so as not to start the year with no returning D?

Eminger was a calculated risk, like Leino, Carle, Coburn and Meszaros, among others. Most of Homer's moves work out, so it's really not worth sweating the what ifs. If all the other GMs had his success rate, we wouldn't have such a good record now.

We're in first overall at the quarter pole - without our #1 goalie. We've got the best top 6 D in the league, three lines that score, a fourth we can put out against anyone, a goon with great dekes, lots of young talent in the pipeline ready to fill in now or later.

Poor Homer, with the crew of people that follows his team, he'll probably get assassinated at the Cup parade by a guy in a Tollefson shirt....

Be thankful, it's Thanksgiving after all.


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