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11-25-2010, 09:10 PM
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Originally Posted by senatoilers View Post
Yup it's all because of Duchene. Not because Colorado drafted Statsny, Stewart, Galiardi, Shattenkirk, Yip, and Cumiskey while Muckler brought us Foligno, Regin, Lee, and Elliot who have combined for 1 goal this season. If you want to include Mez and Eaves, Muckler draft picks from 2002-2006 have combined for 5 goals this season while Stewart and Statsny alone have a combined 19. Hell Erik Karlsson alone has 4 goals and has almost as many goals as Muckler's entire group of draftees. But nevermind that, it's easier to blame Murray for not tanking in 08-09.
I didn't have time to read all those stupid knee-jerk reaction threads after a 2-1 loss but I'm glad somebody was able to post what I was thinking all along

All we have produced since 2002 is :

- Elliott (decent 1B goalie)

- Eaves (now a 4th liner)

- Meszaros (regressed since his rookie season but Murray at least got Kuba, Picard and a 1st round pick (Campoli) for Meszaros

- Regin (my 2nd favorite player on the Sens but he's only in his sophomore season, will take some time before he produces more)

- Lee ( Enough said?)

- Foligno (I like him, but he can't seem to take a step forward, still a bottom-6 player)

- Karlsson (thank god, but he is still learning)

All those guys combine for around 150 NHL goals... lol

Of course we are an average team (but with above average upside potential, not contenders yet though). Look at all the "good teams". Almost all of them are there because they drafted impact players (most of the time, they picked high, like Top-5). The Spezza pick is kinda far away from today now. Great that we have Karlsson but he is just starting to get his feet wet in the NHL.

You don't build a contender overnight in the NHL, only Detroit was able to remain contending for years and Philly did a great job lately

But you know what kids? Success is not eternal. Their turn to decline will come around for sure. Look at the Devils now. How many playoffs wins in the last 5-6 years? How many rounds did they win? What are they gonna do with Brodeur retiring soon? Lamoriello is a bad GM?

Give your head a shake, Murray hasn't destroyed anything. He just took over a team with mass upcoming problems (Emery, Meszaros, Redden, Corvo, Heatley...) and no prospects to replace those problematic players. The Hartsburg Era just accelerated the inevitable decline

What he did is get some "stop gap players" (Kuba, Kovalev, Gonchar...) while restocking the farm and try to remain as competitive as possible.

I don't like Murray coaches choices though.

PS : Canadian teams don't TANK. EVER. If they do, it's not because that was their plan. Wake up to reality

So, tell me what is wrong in my post? I know, absolutely nothing, that's just reality.

So now, just enjoy watching hockey even if it's not "beautiful" every night. Stop whining, be patient and stop being the worst fans in the NHL.

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