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Originally Posted by BlackStar View Post
Lot's of all Scandinavians have no accent when they learn the English language. I'm thinking it's because their dialect makes for an easy transition to the English language. Think of Koivu, Naslund, Teemu, Sedin's(To a lesser extent)...etc..
This is pretty much off-topic, but I'll add my take on this. Scandinavia don't generally dub TV and movies, as they do in many eastern european (and German speaking) countries. As a result, we get exposed to English a lot more - and we start learning English in school in 3rd'ish grade, as someone else mentioned. Scandinavia also has a very high percentage of people using the internet on a daily basis. In essence, we're just using English a lot more than many other European countries. Lars most likely spoke English pretty well before he moved over.

However, not all people are as good with languages - Frans Nielsen of the Islanders' had a terrible accent when he came over - don't know if he still does.

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