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11-26-2010, 04:41 AM
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I really do not get Jester. His biggest complaint is that the team hasn't won a Cup in recent years and that this is the fault of management, and then he goes and argues that performance in the playoffs, and thus a Cup win, is entirely dependent on luck.

What. The. ****?!

Yes, Holmgren has done some dumb **** but he has also done a very good job making this team successful and competitive. Unfortunately all I ever see from the eternal pessimists in this forum is the entirely idiotic argument that when Holmgren does good, he's only lucky, and when Holmgren does bad, it's purely because of of Holmgren's ineptitude. It's an argument a la having your cake and eating it too.

The truth is that luck goes both ways, as do deliberate moves. There are examples of moves by Holmgren that have gone in either direction and can be chalked up to each of these factors in various degrees.

However, Holmgren has in fact done a great job.

Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
You're copping out by pointing at the product and saying "look how good we are". That isn't the tell all of whether or not someone is doing a great job.
This statement does make absolutely no sense. Please tell me a metric to judge the quality of the moves by a hockey GM, other than the performance of his team after the moves were completed.

The following comment is however not directed at you, DUHockey9, but at people like Kaktus, Jester and NWO:

I really do not get it anymore. When the Offseason happened, everybody was running around like chickens without heads, *****ing and moaning how bad the moves are and how we are going to suck and have all kinds of problems next season. A quarter of the season is over, we are the best team in the league and people still ***** and moan. I'm starting to think that you guys are never going to be happy and I'm growing suspicious that some of you'd rather have the return of a season from hell just so you'd have your ego vindicated.

**** Pessimism. That is all.

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