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Originally Posted by Hovercraft View Post
Chaos what about Tallon? He pretty much built a cup winner, but was still canned before they won a cup.

"Look how good the hawks are!!" Didnt work for him. He ruined Chicago's chance of having a dynasty by overpaying guys like Campbell, Huet, Versteeg, Big Buf, etc
What about Tallon? Tallon built a team that won a Stanley Cup and basically got no thanks at all for it and that's what really disgusts me. "He ruined Chicago's chances of having a dynasty" is perhaps the greediest and stupidest complaint I've ever heard! They won a ****ing Cup! You know how hard that ****ing **** is and then people start complaining because they probably won't be winning multiples. And I have to use probably because it is only speculation whether or not they will win another Cup in the near future. If somebody said that in front of me, I might just punch them in the face.

Matter of fact is, overpaying players like Campbell, Huet, Versteeg and Byfuglien is what allowed them to have those players on their team and which is also directly responsible for them winning the Cup. Tallon built a Cup winner. People should be appreciative of that fact. Instead he got canned and people give him no credit.

But guys like Jester appear to be willing to do the same **** here. If the Flyers won the Stanley Cup last season, or if they do it in the near future, it will be in a large part because of the team Holmgren built, yet I expect them to give him absolutely no credit regardless of whether he still is the manager or not out of pure spite and their delusion that they would have done a better job than he did.

And worse, I'd expect the same guys to ***** next season just as much because they wouldn't know how to appreciate a Cup win as I think they'd rather live in misery so they can stroke their own egos and declare "see, I told you so".

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